As my time living in Cardiff is almost coming to an end, I wanted to share food tours of Cardiff's suburbs before I leave. And Roath ...


March 15, 2014 Anonymous 2 Comments

As my time living in Cardiff is almost coming to an end, I wanted to share food tours of Cardiff's suburbs before I leave. And Roath is one such suburb that I know really well. I've lived here for nearly five years and I don't think there is any other place in Cardiff I would want to live in. I've got everything on my doorstep and it only takes 10 minutes to walk into the city centre. But I digress.

Like the other food tours this one isn't fully comprehensive, but more of a general idea of what is on offer. Roath is very diverse when it comes to dining. We've got everything from kebab houses, greasy spoon cafes, coffee shops, pizza places and everything in between.

City Road
City Road is largely lined with takeaways and kebab houses, but wedged in are some great places that offer something a little different to the hustle and bustle of City Road.

Milgi are a vegetarian cafe that also offer a wide range of cocktails and a selection of vegan desserts. They also have a yurt in the garden, which offers some peace and quiet in the middle of the city.

Across the road is the always top-notch sushi bar Tenkichi. Although the sit-in service is not as fast as it once was, the food is still as good as ever.

At the far end of City Road is A Shot in the Dark. This was the place I lived in during my college days. They have knock-out desserts and a perfectly relaxed atmosphere. AJ's is another place I spent my college lunch breaks, eating curly fries and generally not having a care in the world.

.CN is the one of the favourites of the Cardiff food bloggers and offer authentic Chinese food.

There is a HUGE selection of fast food places on City Road. Papa John's make some tasty pizza and Haveli are usually a reliable Indian takeaway. However, whenever I'm walking up and down City Road there are many places with questionable food hygiene ratings. So check out Stephen Nottingham's walking tour for more information here.

Hidden gem: The Roath Farmers Market runs every Saturday from the Mackintosh Sports club, which is just off City Road.

Crwys Road
(OK, so this is technically Cathays)

When it comes to takeaways then I love Cryws Road. Mina's is an absolute must visit and provide some incredibly moreish Lebanese food. But when it comes to value for money and quality - look no further than Katiwok. Katiwok has plenty to choose from and you'll get plenty to eat for your money. It's also worth eating in to enjoy the vibrancy of the restaurant and the delicious treats that are always on the counter.

Further up Crwys Road is The Pot Cafe. It might be tiny inside, so don't let that put you off. You'll almost always manage to find somewhere to sit, and it will definitely be worth squeezing in. It's worth visiting for breakfast, you won't be disappointed.

Just up from The Pot is Emma Jane's Cupcakes. This is a great little place to go for some afternoon tea and a catch-up with friends. Keep an eye out on the cupcake of the day deals as well.

Hidden gem: If you turn off Crwys Road and head down Monthermer Road, you'll come out near the top of Mackintosh Place, where you'll find Deli Rouge. It's worth having lunch here and stocking-up on some deli goodies.

I'll have part 2 coming soon, where I'll be looking at Wellfield Road, Albany Road and Salisbury Road. In the meantime, I'd love to hear about the places you would recommend in the comments section or on Twitter!


  1. I've never seen Deli Rouge so definitely have to go there as it looks lovely!

    1. It is small in there, but they have outdoor seating and sell lots of fresh bread.