Katiwok is a firm favourite of this food blogger. I don't think I've come across a place with better value for money and quality...


March 29, 2014 Anonymous 2 Comments

Katiwok is a firm favourite of this food blogger. I don't think I've come across a place with better value for money and quality than Katiwok. The service is always welcoming and friendly and there is always a sweet treat on the counter.

I chatted with Niaz Taj about the business and what it means for the Cardiff food scene.

The choice to have Katiwok in Cathays:
"It's home. Much of my life has been spent in and around Cathays including school. The business model of Katiwok just fell into a place which happened to cross paths.

Choosing the right location for any type of new business creates many different options. The logistics of Crwys Road are the primary reason why it was plumped for in the end. Given the freedom of financial constraints, perhaps we would have seen Katiwok appear in a more glamorous location like St Davids 2. I'm guessing most of us independents would love to be somewhere else. Overall we are happy to be where we are - in between two churches and 'The Cryws' across the road - why would anyone want to be anywhere else?"

The inspiration behind the menu:
"Katiwok's main inspiration comes from memories of my mother's home cooking. She loved cooking for the family, friends and as many people on the street she could reach. Using fresh ingredients, creating and serving food from scratch was the only way food was cooked. Katiwok follows the same methods.

Our Kati rolls are proving to be street food leaders. The Afghan chicken has become the hot favourite -marinated in spices overnight, cooked with onions and tomatoes and wrapped in a freshly cooked flat bread. It's becoming the trend for lunch and dinner, followed closely behind by the Momo Dumpling Soup - steam cooked dumplings from a Nepalese recipe usually associated with the hills of the Himalayas.

The Pan-Asian street food theme gives us the freedom to change the menu from time to time - pink like to try different foods and Katiwok are no different. Our specials have included Ramen Soup Noodles and even an Afghan Curry. We are currently working on introducing sushi to our menu."

Kaitowk one year from now:
For the independents its all about survival with as much growth as possible. Whilst we have dreams of branching out, the reality of staying solvent and open for business will always be the priority. In our first year of trade we have been very fortunate with accolades including runners up for 'Best Cheap Eats in Britain' from The Guardian, and recently winning 'Best Takeaway in South Wales' from South Wales Echo. These awards are testament to the hard work and effort our staff have put in thus far. It's also a tool of incentive for me - striving over slumber."

"We have thoughts and ideas for the future, most of them are under wraps, but one secret I can reveal is that Katiwok is still in its infancy and will innovate."

For more information you can visit the website here.


  1. Love 'The Wok'. Been there a few times now and always try and visit when I'm up from London! Great food, cool place and totally agree that the welcome is always warm...hidden gem!

    1. It really is a hidden gem. I'm excited about the sushi!