As this series continues to grow, I have tried to keep the businesses I feature as varied as possible. I've had some established busi...


November 08, 2013 Anonymous 3 Comments

As this series continues to grow, I have tried to keep the businesses I feature as varied as possible. I've had some established businesses, ones just starting out and some in the middle. So for this article in the 'at work with' series, I will be speaking with Lucy Brierley, founder of Flapjack Nation. Lucy hasn't long set up Flapjack Nation, so I thought it would be the perfect chance to meet her and discuss the ideas behind the business, and how she stays inspired to create those amazing flapjack flavours.

On why Lucy started her own business:
"A number of things really. I had always fancied starting some kind of baking business and had previously been making children's cakes after the birth of child number one. But I wanted something that would still allow me to have plenty of contact with lots of people, as I'd found cake decorating very creative, but very isolating for me. I love a good chat!"

Why she chose to sell flapjacks:
"I felt that there were already a whole load of amazing cupcake companies and brownie companies out there that were so much better at what they do than I would ever be. So as I have always loved flapjacks, after having made them many, many times with my daughter, I started to think how lots of shop bought flapjacks taste nothing like homemade ones. I kind of had that 'aha' moment and decided it was time to re-introduce people to proper flapjacks, as they had been forgotten and needed a bit of a makeover.

We don't offer a 'plain' flavour variety as we really, really want to open people's eyes and minds to the potential of the humble flapjack, so it can stand proudly next to the cupcakes and brownies out there."

 The creative process and inspiration for new flavours:
"Creating flavours is one of my favourtie parts of the job, I love it. I am always thinking of new flavour pairings and combinations, and I am one of those people who keeps a notebook by my bed so I can make a note of any flavours or ingredients that I want to try.

Inspiration comes from lots of places. For example, chocolate bars already on the market (this was where our popular Milk Choc Orange flavour came from) and cupcake flavours that I see or read about. Our lovely stockists often suggest flavours they would like to see. Memories of flavours from my childhood and I am also addicted to books on baking. So many ideas come from reading them.

I think my husband and daughter are used to me suddenly saying things like 'ooh dark chocolate and cherry' whilst standing in a queue at the cinema or at other random times during the day"

Working with other independent businesses:
"I love working with and supplying small, independent delis and coffee shops as the people involved are so passionate about what they do, and have been so inspirational and supportive to us as a brand and new business."

 Future plans for Flapjack Nation:
"I would like to expand our lists of stockists and carry on attending local and regional food fayres and festivals, as I love meeting and chatting to our customers face to face. This is an invaluable way to gain instant feedback on our flapjacks. It's lovely too, as you meet fellow small producers and really feel part of the foodie community.

Two other avenues I am looking to explore are wedding fayres, as I think flapjacks would make an amazing wedding flavours for those couples looking for something alternative to what is currently available. Secondly I am looking to introduce flapjacks by mail order, but in the form of a monthly subscription service. People would then feel part of our little flapjack community, or 'nation', and recieve a different variety of flapjack delivered to their door every month. I find this idea really exciting and can wait to explore it further."

"I love what I am doing at the moment as there are so many avenues still to explore and places we can go with Flapjack Nation."

Purchasing Flapjack Nation:
Cardiff - The Deck, Cardiff Bay, Bant a la Cart, Pontcanna, Umber and Sienna, Taff's Well
Cowbridge - Arboreal, Eastgate

You can follow Lucy @Flapjacknation

Photo credit: Victoria Harley Photography


  1. I never much considered flapjacks as a snack; my mind was blinkered by biscuits, cakes; the monopoly of the biscuit tin, the tyranny of the shortbread, I suppose it had simly become a habit; but after rading this article I am inclined to seek out flapjack nation, purveyors of this strange halfway snack which is neither savoury or sweet, yet somehow both.

    1. This is the best comment I've ever had on the blog!

    2. I love it too! (: