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I started this blog in the summer of 2012, with a focus on the local food scene in Cardiff. Throughout that summer I explored the city on a much deeper level than I did before. There was so much I learned about the city in that first summer, that I worked solidly on sharing it with whoever would read about it. Considering I have lived here, on and off, my whole life, the blog made me view the city in a whole new light.

The blog took a break from 2014-2015 as I moved abroad for a couple of years. I wholeheartedly intended to blog about my travels, but ultimately life got in the way. The challenges and stresses that come with moving countries became a top priority. Although I missed blogging a lot, I wouldn't have exchanged that time for anything (well maybe the stress part.)

After returning home to Cardiff in 2016, I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to do next. I took a food writing course and brought the blog back briefly, but life got in the way and I didn't blog at all in 2017. In the process, I also managed to delete all the pictures from the blog and I am currently in the process of reuploading a lot of posts.

Markets are a huge love of mine. It's usually the first place I visit whenever I am somewhere new. The bustling energy of the food producers, coupled with the craft folk selling their creations, is my idea of a day well spent. You can view my market archive here.


I love to meet and interview people who are passionate about food. Nothing inspires me more than sitting down with business owners who want to share their food and ideas with everyone. I interview a huge range of food lovers from home businesses, pop-ups, restaurants and food PR.  You can check out the archive here.

There will be times when I write about places outside of Cardiff.  I spent two years living in Canada and am greatly influenced by the lifestyle and food scene of the Pacific Northwest. I love to write and share my experiences of my time living there, as well as the people who influenced it. Travel is an
important part of my life so it would be strange not to share that.

I take all the pictures on the blog, except where stated. I use a Canon EOS 1100D and my phone.


Cardiff city centre has lots of great places, as does the surrounding neighbourhoods. My favourites are: Nata & Co (Portuguese coffee and natas), The Plan, Nine Yards (prosecco on tap!), Tea & Cake, Penylan Pantry, Milgi (tortilla stacks and coconut daiquiris), Troy, Got Beef, Katiwok, The Deck, Riverside Market, Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Brod, Lufkin Coffee (the best coffee in Cardiff, maybe the world), Cardiff Central Market, Dusty Knuckle Pizza and plenty more I have yet to try.

For all the places I've yet to visit, my fellow Cardiff food and drink bloggers are on the case: Cardiff in a Tea Cup, Kitchen Clonc, Eats for WalesSoliciting FlavoursCorpulent Capers, Explore with Ed, Fuud Blog, The Plate Licked Clean, Dan-AppetitGourmet Gorro


Online: I've featured on Edinburgh Festivals Daily, Storage Giant, We Are Cardiff, JBC Online, Gourmandize UK, Hang Fire Smokehouse, and wrote weekly for Student Rambling, focusing on cheap and easy recipes and tips for students.

I've also written an eBook which you can read here.

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