I have asked myself this question more times than I care to count. Since I have returned to this blog and the blogging world...


June 14, 2016 Anonymous 0 Comments

I have asked myself this question more times than I care to count.

Since I have returned to this blog and the blogging world in general (I stopped reading blogs for a few months) I have noticed a huge change. A lot of my favourite bloggers hardly post anymore, preferring to share their words in newsletters and Ecourses. Comment sections are virtually empty, and there is just a general sense that nobody cares anymore. We are so overloaded with information that it's a chore just to get through it all. So is a blog really worth our time?

When I started blogging four years ago, I would write about my city from the perspective of what I'd want to read about. I found there wasn't any local food blogs that catered to people my age. It was a small niche of bloggers who all did their own thing and had their own distinct readership. I saw a gap in the market and went for it. It paid off. Then it seemed like everyone had a blog. Everyone was reviewing and writing about the same things and those distinct voices started to disappear. They couldn't keep up with the influx of newbies. I'm all for people writing about what they want, but it became overcrowded and over-saturated.

Back when I was knee-deep in writing and maintaining this blog, I started to see just exactly what it was going to be like if I wanted to make this a full-time gig. I went from writing about things I was passionate and interested in, to pouring over follower numbers and unique visitors. It stopped being fun. I made it overly-complicated and pushed myself to produce content to make sure I kept getting visitors. It started to turn into a blog that was all things to all people. And I couldn't keep up.

I found being a blogger was a tale of two halves; the half where you were lucky enough to be one of the first ones to do it, so regardless of what you posted, you always ranked first with Google. The hits came no matter what. Then there's other half where you're stressed out over what a keyword is (I'm not ashamed to admit I had no idea) and if you are using the correct amount per post. I often wondered that had I remained ignorant on the subject, that I would've been better off. There are just too many rules now.

In fact a recent discussion with fellow blogger friend brought up the subject of all these blogging rules. We discussed the fact that you should be able to just write and publish what you want. There's no need to stress yourself out over keywords or click backs or whatever all that jargon means. Just keep it simple. Find something to write about and publish it. Just do it. I understand that analytics are an essential tool for businesses, but if you're just blogging about what you like, why should it matter?

So is it worth blogging anymore? Yes. It is for me at least. There is a whole culinary world out there that I am still scratching the surface of. I want to share that with people, wherever you are.

We're all out there doing what we enjoy. Let's keep blogging as one of those things.

On a lighter note I have a few favourite food items to share with you. Enjoy!

- I must have watched this interview with Ina Garten at Dominican University, California about 100 times by now.

- One of the best things on NPR is America's Test Kitchen. The show is packed full of cooking advice. They also discuss some of the pressing issues in the food world.

- I'm enjoying what Rachel Khoo is doing over at Khoolect.