Recently I decided to streamline my cookbook collection. I had far too many that I never used and I was due a clear out. I managed ...


May 13, 2015 Anonymous 5 Comments

Recently I decided to streamline my cookbook collection. I had far too many that I never used and I was due a clear out. I managed to whittle my collection down to just five books, and thought I would share with you recipes from the two that I love the most.

The Little Paris Kitchen

 I fell in love with the television show when it aired on BBC 2 a year or so ago. I'm a fan of fuss-free, quick and easy cooking, and this cookbook was perfect for that. It gave me a chance to try out recipes that I would never necessarily think of cooking that way. For example, I love croque monsieur but would never think to make into a muffin. 

Each year I make the boudin noir recipe from this book. It is a fresh and simplistic dish to throw together. Couple it with a warm baguette and salty butter. Superb!

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

The promise of making meals in fifteen minutes is a dream we all aspire to, right? Although these meals do take fifteen minutes to make, it's all about practice and coordination. The book provides a stunning array of photography, and it is worth watching the accompanying series to aide with the preparation.

I particularly enjoyed the San Fran Salad, Yorkshire Pudding with Smoked Salmon and Mexican BLT. The San Fran makes a great dish for parties and the BLT is the perfect choice to make lunch time sandwich boxes lively.

Which cookbooks do you recommend? Please leave your recommendations in the comment section.

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  1. If you like the Little Paris Kitchen you should check out the Skinny French Kitchen - similar combination of classics and modern twists (with a bit less guilt) :)

  2. It looks interesting. I was a bit put off by the lack of pictures though, but I'm willing to give it a try!

  3. I too fell in love with Rachel Khoo's show and was inspired by her variations and creative use of a tiny space! Didn't get to see all the episodes so good excuse to get her book. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. No problem Pam. I'm currently obsessed with Ina Garten and watch her show, Barefoot Contessa all the time. Her recipes are so simple and fuss-free. I recommend trying her cornbread muffins. It went down a treat with my friends!

  5. I love the Skinny French Kitchen too - it does have less pictures but it is very good. My mum gave me a Delia's Complete Cookery Course for Christmas which is very reliable - she feels it is the cookery Bible.