This month local tea blogger, Jaye, of Cardiff in a Tea Cup , shares her favourite tea shops in Cardiff. Waterloo Gardens Teahouse: W...


April 19, 2014 Anonymous 0 Comments

This month local tea blogger, Jaye, of Cardiff in a Tea Cup, shares her favourite tea shops in Cardiff.

Waterloo Gardens Teahouse: Waterloo Gardens, Penylan

If you live in Cardiff and like tea then you must have been to Waterloo Gardens Teahouse by now. If you haven't been... why not?! They stock a large selection of different teas which are sourced directly from the tea growers. Each tea is brewed with water of an exact temperature and for an exact amount of time. You are even supplied with a mini sand-timer to ensure you get the perfect pot. You will never get a bad cup of tea here! If the long list of tea overwhelms you the baristas are more than happy to offer advice. They undergo a lot of training so they will be able to give you recommendations.

If you are not a lover of tea, or you are going with a friend who isn't, the coffee on offer is just as artisan as the tea and changes regularly. The teahouse is a good place to stop for lunch with the menu including fancy sandwiches, a soup of the day and a daily special. I generally go for the soup as I always thoroughly enjoy it! There are also plenty of treats on offer. The cakes, brownies and muffins are all locally baked and some are gluten-free. The highlight of the teahouse is definitely the traditional style afternoon tea. It consists of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, a cake of your choice and local artisan chocolate truffles. This all comes with a pot of tea or a coffee per person. You need to book afternoon tea at least a day in advance. A good tip when visiting the teahouse is to look out for the 'Tea of the Month' as it only costs around £2 a pot. It can get busy on weekends, especially at the allotted afternoon tea times, so bear this in mind when visiting! 

Cocorico Patisserie: Whitchurch Road

Cocorico is lovely French patisserie. Their tea is supplied by Waterloo Tea meaning that it is good quality tea served well. The water temperature is taken into consideration and sand-timers are supplied just the same as at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse to ensure the tea is brewed for the optimum time. Cocorico Patisserie offer a good selection of teas including black, white, green, pu'erh and herbal tea so there is a tea to suit every tea drinker! Most people associate France with coffee but the French do like their tea so the teas suit the patisserie well. Coffees and hot chocolates are also available and I've been assured the decaffeinated coffee is lovely, not being a coffee drinker myself.

There is no question that where Cocorico excels is in it's patisserie items just as a patisserie should. They are all uniform in their design and look so tempting. The taste definitely lives up to the style! As well as patisserie cakes and pastries, there are savoury pies and filled baguettes available and you can even buy a loaf of fresh bread to take home too. The kedgeree pie is a favourite of mine and I would highly recommend their afternoon tea. Everything is made by the chef, such as the bread for the sandwiches, which makes it special. The afternoon tea consists of plenty of fancy sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, macarons, mini fruit tarts, mini cakes and mini patisserie cakes and a pot of tea or a coffee each. It's very good value for money as you are guaranteed that you will leave extremely full! If you are an afternoon tea lover, and haven't tried it, you must as it is one of the best in Cardiff. You will need to book at least two days in advance.