I went through the blog to find my favourite posts and the ones you all enjoyed reading as well. So here are the best bits from 2013! Th...


December 27, 2013 Lauren Mahoney 0 Comments

I went through the blog to find my favourite posts and the ones you all enjoyed reading as well. So here are the best bits from 2013!

The first half of the year I neglected the blog as I was knee deep in my dissertation and stress eating cookies. But once the shackles were off at the end of May, I was more than excited to fully commit to blogging. In the process I met some amazing people and got to eat some indescribably good food. More importantly though, I made connections with people who love what they do and want to share this with the world. This is the reason why I blog....

At Work With
This was the first feature length series that I introduced to the blog. I decided from the start of the blog that it wasn't going to be a standard dine and review site, so the more I got approached from businesses to review products the more I reaslised I needed to think outside the box. Well, it isn't really thinking outside the box, but you know what I mean? My first two interviews were with Hang Fire Smokehouse and Fluffy Puff Puffs. Its great to see how far both have come in the last six months. I'll be catching up with Hang Fire in the new year and Fluffy Puff Puffs has had a stellar Christmas at the London markets.

With those two interviews in the bag I was lucky enough to interview everyone from new start-ups to long-running businesses. I got to visit such amazing places as Mary's Milk Bar, got to meet Lucy of Flapjack Nation, Holly of Rollin' Hot Dog Co., Jeff from The Pitts BBQ and many, many others who participated in person or via email. Some of my other favourites are Got Beef, Chaiholics and Pettigrew Tea Rooms.

Food Tours
Still something very much in its infancy, food tours are something I will continue to grow over the next year. I look forward to getting stuck into a new place, or one I've known for years. It still feels like I'm rediscovering places of old, and nothing gets me more inspired than somewhere new. My tours of Glasgow (part 1 and part 2) Edinburgh, Clifton Village and Pontcanna have received an overwhelming response. There will be an Abergavenny tour coming in the new year.

Reviews and Recipes
So I did end up featuring some reviews on the blog. The Modern Indian range from Marks and Spencer was definitely welcomed by readers who saw a cheaper, tastier alternative to over-priced takeaways. River Cottage at the Cardiff Marriott was a great education for me in the importance of local produce, and Tesco gave me a tasty recipe and ingredients to use for bolognese. I was lucky enough to be sent a supply of beverages and treats from Ringtons which I used to feature my chilli hot chocolate recipe.

It would be silly of me not to mention the bloggers and readers that have supported me over the last year (and from the beginning!) Laura Joyce and Amy Murnan were contributors to the eBook and guest posters at some point. Hannah of Hannah's Homespun Life is currently test driving my sponsorship scheme, and there were all the others who retweeted my posts on Twitter and generally sent nice comments. 

New Features
There will be a couple of new monthly features for 2014. Local Hotspots has already debuted and there will be more places being featured soon.

I hope you've enjoyed reading in 2013!

Photo credit: F is for Flapjack photo courtesy of Victoria Hartley Photography