From rich hot chocolates, fragrant Earl Grey teas and melt in the mouth biscuits (the oat ones are my favourite), I recently had the opp...


October 14, 2013 Anonymous 0 Comments

From rich hot chocolates, fragrant Earl Grey teas and melt in the mouth biscuits (the oat ones are my favourite), I recently had the opportunity to try some of Ringtons fantastic products. I also had the opportunity to chat with director of beverages, Stephen Drysdale, to discuss how the business started and the plans for the future. 

A brief history of Ringtons:
"Ringtons was founded in 1907 by Samuel Smith who delivered tea to the doors of households all over Newcastle by horse and cart.  The business was started with an initial investment of just £250 from Sam’s business partner William Titterington (the name Ringtons was formed from the latter part of Williams surname and the 'S' from Smith).  A year later, Sam needed two horses and four assistants to help cope with what was a rapidly expanding enterprise.

Sam bought out Titterington's share of the company in 1914 and Ringtons became a true family business when Sam's son Douglas joined the firm as a tea delivery boy.

Having survived rationing, sales laws and conscription of the first and second World Wars (in which Sam kept jobs open for those who went off to war), Ringtons built up the business and continued to deliver to its loyal customers.

Today the company offers a doorstep delivery service, ecommerce website and business to business service (Ringtons Beverages)."

Ringtons is headed up by fourth generation ‘Smiths’ with Nigel Smith, great-great grandson of Samuel Smith taking the role of Chairman while his brothers Simon and Colin are CEO and Tea and Coffee Packing Division Director respectively"

Which products are his favourite:
“Our Dark Roast bean coffee is defiantly my favourite coffee – it has a full flavour, rich body and offers a nice fresh, bold taste which is exactly what I look for in a great coffee.  It is also our biggest seller so clearly it’s a winner with our clients too.

 I also really like our twin pack of biscuits – we sell four different varieties together and the chocolate chip, oat, fruit and Ginger Snap biscuits offer the perfect combination which caters for every taste.  The individual duo packs means they are convenient and ideal for a range of our clients who like to be able to offer smaller servings to customers.

While coffee is our biggest seller our English Breakfast tea envelopes are our most popular tea, so clearly us Brits still love a classic cup of tea.”

 On the future of Ringtons:
"We have ambitious plans for the Beverages division and aim to take even more of the market share from our competitors by continuing to provide the best and highest quality products, a flexible, friendly and efficient service, and a solution to suit all needs.

In terms of our offerings we are always on the lookout for the best and latest beverages and catering equipment and we are also due to introduce new, stylish and unified packaging.  Plans are underway to expand our business proposition and introduce a new retail offering – we will be announcing details of this in coming weeks but it’s fair to say we’re excited about the future and the potential our new venture has.”

"We would like to expand into new markets and grow our presence throughout the UK."

Purchasing Ringtons:
Ringtons’ Beverages items can be bought online via or via the Beverages Team on Freephone: 0800 0461 444.  Ringtons Beverages Salespeople are also based all over the country and are happy to discuss individual requirements in person – simply call the Freephone number to make an appointment.

Ringtons doorstep products – aimed at the consumer audience – can be bought via the online store or through the doorstep delivery service.

To view the doorstep range, or to find out more about Ringtons and its a fortnightly or monthly doorstep delivery service, visit at or call Customer Care team on 0800 052 2440.