Today on the blog, I'm delighted to share with you Mary's Milk Bar, which is located in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Mary's ...


September 09, 2013 Anonymous 0 Comments

Today on the blog, I'm delighted to share with you Mary's Milk Bar, which is located in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Mary's Milk Bar is quite the opposite of convention in a coffee-chain filled world, and has that throwback feel to a by-gone era. But it's not the decor that's the main appeal of Mary's Milk Bar, it's the inventive and inspired hot chocolates and ice creams that are the real star, as well as Mary herself, who I caught up with following my visit.

On what inspired her to start Mary's Milk Bar:
"The obvious answer would be that I love sweet things but give me a Bovril anytime! Most people associate ice cream with childhood, I loved the parlours along the coast - Scarborough and Morecambe spring to mind with mint choc chip sundaes and banana splits, all run by Italians. I wanted to make ice cream adult friendly and bring back the specialist producer which has become associated with fast food takeaways. Of course, I love chocolate and gelato and now I have the freedom to experiment and attempt to offer something a little unique."

 What made her chose the Grassmarket as a location:
"Although being a proud daughter of Yorkshire, I came to Edinburgh to study at the art collage and never left. I know the Grassmarket area well having studied and worked nearby and I couldn't miss the chance of having a direct view of the castle."

What inspires her recipes and ideas:
"When it comes to recipes, I'm a little disorganised and instead of following a recipe, I usually make to taste. I normally come in, look at what colours or flavours are missing and make accordingly. I read books, not just cookery ones, for ideas and love to listen to customer's stories of past ice crean experiences. Some flavours like Scottish raspberry with oats and coffee with molasses have been customer requests, and things like strawberry and fresh mint just come about because of the beautiful fresh produce I find."

Plans for the future of Mary's Milk Bar:
"Winter will be an interesting experience after such a busy and warm summer. I'm hoping I'll have the time to make more chocolates and make toppings and sauces to buy as gifts. I'm offering hot chocolate floats and new seasonal sundaes to battle against the Edinburgh climate. I'm excited about the new season of fruits - I can't wait to try my hand at sweet potato gelato. I run little tasting evenings and workshops and hope to expand these during the winter."