Next up in the 'At work with' series, is an interview with Geraint of Bon Bon Buddies . They have an exciting new range of product...


September 30, 2013 Anonymous 0 Comments

Next up in the 'At work with' series, is an interview with Geraint of Bon Bon Buddies. They have an exciting new range of products out in the UK, and I was lucky enough to get to try them. I literally felt like a kid in a candy store. Here, Geraint talks about what lead Bon Bon Buddies to create these amazing, brain blasting sweets.

A brief history of Bon Bon Buddies:
"The business is actually celebrating its 20th year this year, and it's special for two reasons. First, we've just been awarded the Queens Award for enterprise, which shows how well we really understand the market, and continue to grow thanks to the incredible support of out trade customers and consumers.

Secondly, its special because over that 20 years we've built the portfolio, knowledge, ability and experience to be able to innovate within the industry and create great brands like Brain Blasterz and Nanobytes that really show our passion for confectionery."

How Brain Blasterz and Nanobytes were created:
"Brain Blasterz came from the sour sweets recoil in the brand that we're all familiar with, as we set to develop a form of sour sweets that could be engaging and fun, instead of off-putting. Something you'd go to out of choice, and not just a cruel prank that your friends have played on you. It had to taste excellent, be sour, be safe and engage an audience that had been excluded in recent years.

 Nanobytes came about out of necessity. We couldn't believe that sweets of it's kind were excluding so many customers. Parents were afraid to buy this kind of sweet, because they knew they'd forever be finding lots of little sweets in their car, or 'tinging' their way up the hoover on a daily basis, if given to younger children."

 Engaging the UK market:
"We we can see a huge gap in the market for these products. Brain Blasterz is answering the elephant in the room for sour sweets. People pull faces when they eat sour sweets, that's a natural reaction that your body has to the taste. However, many people LOVE that aspect. It's fun to watch yourself, friend or family member pull a funny face. They're also delicious when coupled with a nice flavour. So rather than steer away from that market, we answered it head on, slapped a warning label design on our packaging and set everyone the 'straight face challenge', letting users interact with their favourite brand by showing us videos and photos of them trying to keep a straight face while eating one of our mega sour sweets. It's created a social media involvement that out-does all of our competitors and ensures that the kids, customers and fans of the brand are being understood. We understand their needs, and deliver.

Nanobytes is another great example of this. Everyone loves small, chewy sweets, and the main concern of parents and fans of these is, that after a handful or two, you're left with half a packet that spills over your car, room or inside your bag. We've confronted this and made sure our bigger packs are resealable with a zip lock-style seal at the top.

On the future:
"In a year's time I see us being able to satisfy the demand of a global market. Breaking into new territories and interacting with fans of our brands all over the world through our official social media. Getting instant feedback, and developing new products to suit the needs of our customers, based on their feedback and involvements with a pair of growing unique brands.

Unlike most businesses that have seen international success, our growth is still equally UK-focused and we continue to engage with customers in the UK especially to make sure our next innovations are nothing but extraordinary." 

"We will always consider the market in which we live and trade, and strive for excellence in that market."