The Food Project - Students Guide to Cardiff by Lauren Mahoney For the last month or so, myself and a few other bloggers have been ...


September 23, 2013 Anonymous 0 Comments

For the last month or so, myself and a few other bloggers have been working away on an eBook for students. The main goal of this guide is for new and returning students living in Cardiff to take advantage of the great places to eat and drink, and perhaps discover something new along the way. Whether that is a new park, shop, cafe or place to study, this guide will help.

As a recent graduate myself, I know that those three years can wiz by in a flash and feel like you didn't really experience much other than assignments, parties, shopping and takeaways. However, I understand that I'm generalizing students this way - I know exactly how that feels. It wasn't until my second year of uni that I decided enough was enough and started my blog, to try and prove to myself that I wasn't just a 'typical student' (although I am still using my old ID for the discounts!) and that we don't just survive on takeaways and Tesco value pasta.

Although this is geared at students, I like to think that it would appeal to younger people as a whole, ones that can't afford nor want to eat at expensive places, but still enjoy eating out somewhere with a bit of character and that is affordable. So with this in mind, I've tried to get a balance of independent places and chain restaurants. Some of the chains that are featured tend to offer student discounts (I know GBK is expensive, but it does have discount offers) and to be honest, eating at independent places is great, but it isn't always manageable, and some people don't really care if they eat independently or not.

The guide is broken down into locations in and around the City Centre. It would be easy to veer off and do all the areas of Cardiff, so they've been kept to the most local and student populated. There are also sections on markets, parks and pop-ups.

So I do hope you take a look and try out some of the places featured!

A BIG thank you to Amy and Laura who contributed to the eBook. I couldn't have done it without you!