The Evolution of a Food Blogger By Amy Murnan Last year I was a stressed out, bored and jobless student, with bad memories and a b...


August 29, 2013 Anonymous 0 Comments

The Evolution of a Food Blogger

By Amy Murnan

Last year I was a stressed out, bored and jobless student, with bad memories and a big appetite.

Now I’m a determined, bored and jobless student with a stack of books to read including Delia Smith and a HTML manual. What changed?

Well, the big appetite certainly hasn’t, but one year after starting my first blog, my appetite is no longer just for good food.

My interest in blogging began after my first year of University. Despite surviving with good grades I felt no sense of achievement; I had hated the whole experience. On coming home I found that I couldn’t get a job, I had nothing to do and I dreaded going back. So I tried to find a way of turning my experiences at Uni into something positive. That way became my first blog, TrampStudent. I wanted to help new students, like me, eat well on a budget. In hindsight I realise now that I had no idea what I was doing.

I did have some small successes. I began writing on a monthly basis for Forum magazine and gained a few regular readers. I’d had a taste of what blogging could offer, but along the way I had to learn a few lessons.

I learned that it is easy to go into blogging with an idea and little else. You’re excited, you’re motivated – you just want to get started. The past year has been a huge learning curve, but if I had just done a little research before blundering onto Blogger, I would have saved myself a lot of time. I learned that my intended audience of home-cooking students simply didn’t exist – at least, not in abundance. I also learned that I would never be satisfied with how things were going.

So, I had a question to answer. Do I make this work, or do I move on?

The answer was a bit of both. I became a sponge for advice – from bloggers, writers, critics and cooks. I still don’t know entirely what I’m doing, but I knew enough to start over and do things properly. That is why I began The Fresh Fresher, a balanced fast-food blog focused on simple, convenient cooking. Not only am I actually enjoying University now, but I am enjoying the renewed enthusiasm of readers and fellow food bloggers when they read it. It is entirely about making a fresh start, and not just in food.

I suppose my year can be best summed up in one word: evolution. That is the best lesson that can be learned in blogging. Funnily enough, it is also the best thing learned from life.

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Photo: Courtesy of Amy Murnan