Photo credit: Yelp  Today, Sarah will be sharing her review of Servini's Snackbar. We all know that Cardiff is full of c...


September 08, 2012 Lauren Mahoney 0 Comments

Photo credit: Yelp

 Today, Sarah will be sharing her review of Servini's Snackbar.

We all know that Cardiff is full of culture, variety, quirks and community! From the up-market eateries and the big brand shops to the little or lesser known cafes, delis and (totally food unrelated, but quirky) the lady who can tell you which Lego mini fig is in which packet just from a quick feel (situated on Albany Rd) - Cardiff has something for everyone.

I think it’s fair to give a totally uneducated and completely un-researched guess that Roath is a favourite area of Cardiff for most people. Ideally, I’d like to write about a favourite spot here, but, after roaming around Cardiff for a little while, I wandered down Wyndham Arcade and a forgotten memory floated into my mind and I simply had no choice but to stop and head on in.

Now at the risk of coming across as a little unsophisticated, I’d like to get one thing straight; I love the quaint and quirky deli’s and restaurants that I could (maybe should) have stopped in at, for example, I really would have liked to have given the New York Deli another go, or Deli Rouge or Madame Fromage (drooool) but, as my closest friends will know, this lesser known gem instantly appealed to my primitive gastronomic tastes.

Servini’s Snackbar is a little cafe I had visited only once, when I was 15 and had a work experience placement at Gamlins – half a lifetime away now. I was introduced to their then mighty tasty burgers and I couldn’t help but wonder if they still produced the same mouth watering food now.

Their menu is plentiful, you can eat healthy, or not, and they also offer a myriad of food stuffs from Jacket Potatoes, Burgers, Salads, Baguettes to a fairly decent variety of hot meals. It’s not sophisticated, and it doesn’t have to be. True to my spirit, I’m here for a burger and, “ah hell! Why not...throw in a side of chili wedges and garlic as well”.

Being an unashamed and self-confessed burger fiend, I thought this choice would be apt, fond memories and a burger as a bonus, I’m no food expert, but burgers, I know! Servini’s mission statement is ‘We don’t serve fast food we just serve good food fast”, and they couldn’t be truer to their word. That burger came out fresh, hot, dripping and downright tasty! I asked for cheese, relish and onions in my burger and that is exactly what I got and more!

Other than the food, the one other thing I absolutely love about this cafe is the fact that over the years, they have built up an impressive relationship with their regulars and they know them well. So you can imagine my delight when whilst ordering my food, the staff were preparing a certain Mr G’s baguette only to be told by a staff member not to put in any cheese as it gives him indigestion. Brilliant!

So if this is all your looking for in a meal, something simple and uncomplicated, then this is at least worth a try and according to Servini’s Facebook page, they produce the best breakfasts around........see you there in the morning. 

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