Photo credit: Laura Joyce The next guest post is from the lovely Lola, who has been a fan of the blog from the beginning. Here she s...


August 22, 2012 Lauren Mahoney 0 Comments

Photo credit: Laura Joyce

The next guest post is from the lovely Lola, who has been a fan of the blog from the beginning. Here she shares her review of the Magic Wrap. 
I like food. Like, a lot! When I find a food I like I eat it habitually – usually until I grow completely sick of it and can no longer stomach it. This time it’s different though. Perhaps that’s where the magic comes into it.

I’d heard about Magic Wrap through friends who spoke hyperbolically about how wonderful it was and how it was their favourite treat on the weekend. I was dubious. How could what is essentially wheat, meat and veg be so delicious? Surely it’s just a glorified sandwich? As a non-sandwich lover I thought nothing of it, gave an obligatory “ooh I must try that” and pretty much forgot the conversation.

 Months later I got a new job in Cathays and met my boyfriend for lunch. Stumped for where to go I weakly suggested Magic Wrap, and with a shrug and a “why not?” off we went. And I am so glad we did!
When we walked in to Magic Wrap at the back of Cardiff Student’s Union we were met with a huge queue of students, business types and locals, most of whom were clutching tightly to stamped pieces of card. Rather than be put off, the queue and loyalty cards were the first suggestion of just how magic this wrap would be.  Service in Magic Wrap is great – efficient and friendly and just generally lovely. As I got to the front of the queue I scanned the glass fronted fridge filled with fresh vegetables, salads, meats and sauces and was completely overwhelmed by the choice. I wanted it all! There are set menu options filled with delicious meats, cheeses and sauces as well as an abundance of optional extras and additional fillings for a really small cost (the extras start at just 20p)!

 I settled on what has now become my usual – a regular white wrap (they do wholemeal too) with hummus base, grated carrot, pesto dressing, olives, roasted vegetables and halloumi. As an OCD sufferer I instantly loved how hygienic and clean everything was; each wrap is prepared on a freshly cleaned individual plastic board and the staff wear a new pair of gloves for each wrap they prepare. Minor details, yes, but important to the overall service and quality.
Wraps are absolutely packed with filling (the staff often struggle to get them closed and rolled) and it’s brilliant to be in there when a first-timer watches open-mouthed as their wrap is prepared. The whole process happens right in front of you and I’ve never waited more than five minutes for my wrap to be prepped, rolled and griddled. 

As with many places these days Magic Wrap offer a loyalty card – get eight stamps and get a wrap free. Free wrap day is the way Christmas used to be when you were a child! I countdown to it from wrap 5/6 and try to experiment with a different filling just for once.  Magic Wrap has now become a weekly lunch treat and I’ve never been disappointed by it. Next time you have a fiver in your pocket and you’re wondering where to go for lunch I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try. You’ll probably see me there!

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